31 Mayıs 2016 Salı

Tugba Acabay Visits Michigan Waldorf Schools from Istanbul

Tugba Acabay Visits Michigan Waldorf Schools from Istanbul, Turkey

The last two weeks have been filled with the excitement of May Day festivities and a special visitor to remind us that Waldorf is indeed an international community! Tugba Acabay, from Istanbul, Turkey, just concluded her visit to Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor and Detroit Waldorf School. Tugba will be the first ever 1st grade Waldorf teacher this fall in Istanbul! As part of her preparation, she has observed main lessons, specialty subjects, made flower crowns at May Day and experienced Waldorf classrooms and culture first hand. 

Tugba tells us more in a brief interview with WISM Outreach Coordinator, Charis Calender Suemnick:

"I want to give my first Waldorf class of 15 children my full energy instead of focusing so much on assessing and paperwork. I have 9 years experience as a public school teacher and when I first visited other Waldorf schools in Europe, I finally found an education that fits my values as a person and I could feel how happy the children are in the classroom."

"There is a popular saying in Turkey, "If you know it is an apple tree, you will not be able to take apricots from it." This is why I want to teach in a Waldorf school, so that I may allow the children to be who they are and help them develop without pushing or rushing them. This education really fits me "here" in my heart."

We wish Tugba a safe journey home and warm wishes as she pioneers abroad for Waldorf Education! 

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